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Ariel Luna Anais

American, b.1991


Ariel Luna Anais is a multidisciplinary artist whose work spans from 2-dimensional to time-based media and explores the nature of both intimate and collective memory. Her paintings resemble photographic snapshots, sensitive recollections, of unsung memories latent with a tension somewhere between hope and intermittent despair. Though reminiscent of a film still, her paintings pull away from that initial impression to become a more contemplative and aestheticized experience. The vulnerability presented by her subjects compels the viewer to resolve the narrative, to piece it together, with artifacts of mass culture and fragments of their own private reality.


Her video works share a similar sentimentality but, probe the zeitgeist through a more satirical lens; questioning the media’s insidious influence on society and what is considered truth. She uses humor and camp as a vehicle to invite her audience to draw comparisons between the past and the present, their personal traumas and our cultural wounds. 



Anais lives and works in her hometown of San Antonio, Tx. She received her B.A. in New Media and Painting from the University of Southern California and has since served in the field of public art restoring monuments, and helping to create new sites of public memory. 


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